vineri, 17 mai 2013


a realidade ilude-se sempre your "experimente a crise que deve ser a única culpada do mau cozimento do bolo da dívida e da receita phiscal" is predicated on an assertion which the baking and banking god assert to be incorrect because, you're not seriously asking this are you?

And may I first ask why you picked receita fiscal?
receita fiscal mantida anos a fio à custa de crédito?

essa receita fiscal? well

And would you consider today's government-generated intervention/interference in the economy permanent?

 (you know, that jap and american market they're trying to reinflate - the same balloon and bubble of 2008, that is)?

Is there such a thing as "a cake baked in inflation or by inflation?"

Lots of Vital Ingredients here, worthy of much more than superficial service.

After all, considering these ingredients, at any inflation rate, the short answer is, Good Lord, yes the guilty part is the system that bakes the cake.

 It's true that many economic bakers if not most of this creative baking banking powders seem to be unable to comprehend the difference between macroeconomic inflation, price inflation, and the institutional number.

All three are considered one and the same by a frightening number of economic bakers, some and some are morons otherwise with several degrees and more or less intelligent or respectable and sometimes both.

Be that as it may, and assuming you understand the distinctions, a simple example of a gold cake or a iron cake or a brass cake doubling in price......

Self-serving fans of deflation or inflation and other supporters of mainstream faulty capitalism seem to constantly say that what is true in paper is true in the whole cake.

That if microeconomic baking proves a result,the macroeconomic baking by the laws of physics equals the sum of microeconomic baking units...if the cake of debt is nice
 Then keep swallowing the cake of economic flies and insects with ties.

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