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The MELTING Ice Shelf

In August trinetrogon air photographs of the ice shelves
were taken from an altitude of 6km (around 20 000’).
In July comprehensive air photograph coverage of the ice
shelves was taken along north-south flight
lines at an altitude of 9km (30 OOO’).
In July flights along the north coast included photography
of only the ice fronts of ice shelves.

The undulating surface of parallel troughs
and ridges is very clear as meltwater in the troughs creates a
darker tone than the ridges.
The 2.5 m amplitude, 300 m
wavelength undulations are interrupted by both rehealed and
open fractures that are partly filled with water. The fracturing of
the ice shelf has created a open ice that appears to be only weakly attached, probably in part by sea
ice, to the ice shelf .
A comparison clearly shows that the front of Ice
Shelf underwent some change

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