luni, 2 august 2010

After adjusting for those factors,Mumbo and Jambo,string Theory has the potential to describe everything

Nominate Prof. Allard Dembe for the No-bell prize for Manipulation.
Professor Dembe has performed ground-breaking research into the relationship between accidents in the workplace and the number of hours worked.
You are not going to believe this, but his findings are quite earth-shattering: the more hours you work, the more chance you have of having an accident at work ! This is amazing stuff. And you thought Einstein was smart !

The same for global warming or any bull....something
"Methods: Responses from 10 793 Americans participating in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) were used to evaluate everything.

Aggregated & rates in each of X exposure categories were calculated for each NLSY survey period.
Multivariate analytical techniques were used to estimate the relative risk of Z, after adjusting for ice, global warming, industry, and region.

Results: working in jobs with overtime schedules was associated with a 61% higher injury hazard rate compared to jobs without overtime.

Let's do a little analyses of our own.
Professor Dembe's report was published this year. In fact it is in this month's British Medical Journal, the highly respected mouthpiece of the BMA.
The survey on which his findings are based took place between 1987 and 2000.
So it took five years of number-crunching to come up with the results which any truck-driver could have told you over a hamburger during a break in his 14 hour day.
So we can be sure that
Prof. and his colleages were not putting in any health-endangering overtime.
But how about those numbers ?
Can ANYONE make any sense whatsoever out of this gobbledegook ?
I have no idea what the Survey is or is meant to be, nor have I any intention of finding out. But it does say Global Vermin. Hmmmm.
So we have inputs(or those surf longtitudinally) about a bunch of records - a zillion of records to be exact, thus maintaining the scientific precision of this analyses, und the Kesh Jig Theorie.

So far I have no real problem with the numbers - other than that they remind me of last week's lottery.
10793/100236/89729 - keep those numbers in your head, we may yet find them to be connected to eachother - or to something else. Maybe next week's lottery.

I will skip lightly past the totally unexplained (and perhaps inexplicable) "adjustments" for Global Warming

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